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   SAFELY CLEAN The Things You Love

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USA Made

in Dallas, TX

Our Mission at SC Products is Simple...

To Keep our Users Safe from Hazardous Chemicals

To Protect and Preserve our Environment

To Safely Clean The Things You Love



The SC Products Story 

From our humble beginnings, over 25 years ago, we have proudly delivered the Fire Service industry with CitroSqueeze® PPE Cleaner. Today, it is the most widely used and recognized NFPA 1851 compliant Turnout, Bunker Gear, and PPE cleaner in North America, Hawaii and Australia.  CitroSqueeze® has the unique ability to safely remove hydrocarbons from sensitive fabrics and surfaces with no adverse effects to the underlying material and has made it a powerful tool in many industries.


For over two decades, firefighters and others have relied on CitroSqueeze® to clean and preserve the safe performance of their PPE fabrics ensuring their health and safety.


Both the success of CitroSqueeze® PPE Cleaner and the use of formulations developed at our founders’ boatyards and shipyards in Southern California in the 1990’s, the technology of SC Products LLC has developed our family of High-Performance safe cleaners and degreasers.  SC-14® All Purpose Cleaner/Degreaser and SC-14® Pro are two of those products we proudly offer. Both SC-14® and SC-14® Pro uniquely attach to and remove oil, grease, soot, and other types of hydrocarbons while safely cleaning the things you love.

Prior to August 2022, CitroSqueeze® had been exclusively used in the Fire Service. In August 2022, SC Products was honored to launch and release CitroSqueeze® High-Performance Fabric Detergent for other industries such as Construction, Military, Sports, and other areas where High Performance Fabrics such as Nomex®, Kevlar®, Gore-Tex® are present.


SC Products CitroSqueeze® is the Fabric Cleaner Tested and proven safe by Dupont for cleaning Nomex, Southern Mills for cleaning PBI/Kevlar Fabrics and WL Gore & Associates (Germany) for cleaning GORE-TEX and 3M for cleaning Scotchlite Reflective Trims.


We welcome you to join the family of the growing number of companies and consumers across North America who have turned to SC Products for a Safe and Effective solution to their cleaning needs and challenges.


Please browse our site to learn more about our products and brands that will safely clean the things you love.


SC Products are Proudly Made in Dallas Texas. All Raw Materials Including

the Ingredients, Bottles, and Labels are Sourced in the USA.

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